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Be moved. Be well. Be You.

Our Mission & Vision:

The (BYou) Brilliantly You Project empowers people from all walks of life to live as their truest, most sacred self with authenticity and authority that flows from inner wholeness and holistic wellbeing.  

BYou offers contemplative guidance, restorative practices, and educational resources that work together to help individuals live more hope-filled, soul-centered lives marked by loving relationships, vibrant health, increased resiliency, expanding creativity, and holistic wellness.

BYou's YogaWell Program puts integrative and embodied wellbeing resources at your fingertips so that you can cultivate wellbeing in the comfort of your home as you detox from impacts of acute stress and trauma and thrive body, mind, heart, and soul.

The YogaWell Collection

Thrive: Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul!

What's Included:

The YogaWell Collections includes our signature Find Your Flow Restoration Challenge, Stay in the Flow Library, Be and Breathe in the Flow intro to meditation, Learn and Grow in the Flow series of offerings, YogaWell LIVE, and online Yoga Retreats.

The Find Your Flow Challenge is designed to be done as a self-directed program on in conjunction with 1:1 sessions for greater transformation. The Find Your Flow 6 Week Restoration Challenge incorporates:

Short Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) lessons, with tips and tools to help you go deeper in journey towards healing and wholeness.

What others say about YogaWell:

Tami Jungklaus - Newly Retired Nurse Practitioner

"Find Your Flow is life changing! As I would come to the mat, I really found myself. I found out how strong I was, how resilient I was... As I listened to my body, by caring for it and nurturing it, I found out I indeed could obtain wellbeing in the mind, heart, and spirit."

Elise Caton - Occupational Therapist

This program is very intentional in creating harmony for the heart, body, mind, and spirit. I have come to know and love myself in ways I never knew I could, and to share that love with others to help our world a more peaceful and loving place.”

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is it for?

The BYou | Brilliantly You APP is best suited for those who want to be transformed, inside and out, as they discover what it means to live as their truest, most authentic selves and who want to thrive in every area of their life - body, mind, heart, and soul - for their own sake, and the sake of the world around them.


What if I have physical limitations? Can I still participate in YogaWell offerings?

If this is your concern, you are not alone! Here's what you need to know: all of our entry level classes include instruction for modifications, especially for more challenging poses. Even if your mobility is significantly limited, we have offerings that are Chair-based or done fully seated/grounded to the floor. What's more, you can always reach out for personalized assistance to find out how to adapt any movement to meet your needs. We are committed to helping you Find YOUR Flow, so don't let physical limitations or a lack of Yoga experience keep you from benefiting from this program! 


What equipment do I need for the Yoga Well classes?

Not much! You'll need a Yoga mat and an open space where you can freely extend your arms and legs. Additional props you could consider investing in include a set of blocks, Yoga strap, resistance band, as well as a proper chair for Chair Yoga, a Yoga Wrist Wedge (if you experience wrist discomfort), and a Yoga blanket to take pressure off joints. For restorative or Yin practices, you might also consider investing in a Yoga bolster. These items are entirely optional.


How much time will it take?

You can benefit from as little as 5 minutes in daily prayer and reflection. If you are participating in the and YogaWell offerings, 1 practice a week. For the Find Your Flow Challenge, we recommend investing 15-30 minutes a day. If you can't get to your mat every day - don't stress about it! Spending just 5 minutes affirming your sacred worth will still help to reset your mind, heart, and soul. Most importantly, the goal is for you to find a rhythm for tending to your wellbeing that works for you! Whatever you can do consistently will be the most effective way to enjoy and benefit from your Brilliantly You journey.

Join the YogaWell Movement and Find Your Flow to a...

calm mind

balanced body

resilient heart

and centered soul.


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